The quantities of pears that out cooperation handles, are also important. This is also an increasing cultivation. Pears are externally light green, yellow-green, yellowish, light yellow, green with red in colour according to the variety but its flesh is usually white and softer than apples.
As mentioned, there are many varieties of pears. In Greece the most common is crystallia, with the weight of each pear ranging from 100-130 gr. Their colour is yellow green and its flesh white.
The superb "kontoules" fruit of middle size, weight from 60-90 gr. They are light green, with wonderful aroma and flavor. There are scarcely found in the market and extremely sensitive in their transportation.

Pears are collected before ripening well but nevertheless it's done in this way as the ripening process to continue without damaging the flavor and its colour.
They can be eaten fresh, as canned fruit and can be used in pastry, as well as used for making jam. They contain vitamin C, calcium, niassine(niacin), vitamin B6, phosphorus and potassium.