The scientific name is Prunus Avium and it became known in Greece in 300 B.C. obviously coming from Caspian and the M. Sea probably originated from Pontus. It contains may mineral elements, natural fibres and elagic acid. It is particularly rich in vitamins A. C, B, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and copper. A single cherry has only 4 calories.
Cherries are many people's favourite fruit, that are eaten fresh from the end of May to the mid of July. We can of course have their relish in delicious homemade sweets, in aromatic liquors and in tins.
The picking up is difficult and time consuming as they must be picked one by one, and only by hand. The fruit mustn't be parted from its stem, otherwise its juice will outflow and the fruit will be damaged.

So with the combination of the application of the System of the Complete Distribution, of the longing and the valuable experience of the farmers who respect the Earth, cherries of intense colour, great taste and long lasting, are produced.